Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Can't We All Just Get On The Same Page?

I know I sound like quite the cheapo, but I really think life would be easier if there wasn't so much consumerism or pressure to give gifts to each other during Christmas.

Don't get me wrong, there are some instances where I think gifts should be given; specifically to kids.

But between adults?  I say just pre-agree to spend $20 on each other.  In other words, it cancels each other out.  I say this because my parents keep asking me what we want.  I keep telling them we don't need anything (we don't).  But their suggestions include things like a slow cooker, juicer, magic bullet...I appreciate the thought, I really do.  But  I'd rather they just get stuff for Eamon.

Oh, and I also say this stuff because I spent a long amount of time at Square One, which was nuts.  BUT, I finished the Christmas shopping.

Two more work days.  I say this every year, but especially this year:  I can't believe it's almost Christmas.  Mind you, it might be because it hasn't really snowed yet this year.  And as I get older, time goes faster and the sentiments I once had seem to be fading away.  Such is life, I guess

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