Sunday, January 29, 2012

And Then There Were None

All the boys were successfully married off today.

The day was a long one, but of course definitely worth it.  Starting off with photos in the morning and early afternoon (including a limo ride to a crowded McD's, a ceremony in the afternoon (including having my awesome, cute son in the wedding processional.  Funny aside:  every time the church bells rang, my son would respond with a "huh"?  Of course it was dead quiet in the church and everyone could hear him), and the reception in the evening/night.

The food was great, the emcee was magnificant, my speech (despite the off-coloured, inappropriate  nature to it and the constant crickets I heard, a ton of people, friends and strangers alike, told me that it was a really good speech) was decent, dancing was awesome  and everything about the night sans the wretched DJ was stellar.

On top of that?  Arfeli gave me a gift that was way, way too generous.  It's like it was mywedding or something

*  *  *

Wowza, time to sleep  Another hectic day ahead:  swimming, buffeting, midwifi

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