Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Random Jealous Thought

I've always been jealous of people who instinctively know their lefts and rights.  I always have to think about which is left and which is right.  It's gotten better the past few years, but in some circumstances (like when calling picks in basketball) I have to really think about it.  Embarrassing.

And how do I know which is my left and right?  Make a gun with my thumb and index fingers.  If it forms an "L", then it's left.  If it forms a "J", then it's right.  As in, "J is always right"

*  *  *

First day back!  And funny:  I haven't used my alarm clock in a long time.  How do I know?  Because when it was vibrating, I had no idea what the movement was.


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