Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rollin' With The Bed

Busy day today again.

Got the new suit fitted for adjustments, then went to Arfeli's for their Greek Pre-Wedding Traditions.  Apparently one of their traditions is stuffing their faces with food.  Oh wait, that's my tradition.  Again!

But their traditions included sewing on crosses on a duvet, having the parents of the bride and groom carrying around stuff on their shoulders and heads, pouring rosewater on hands, smelling incense, and the best one (or most related to us): having a baby roll on the bed for "good fertility wishes" for the couple.

I was so proud of our baby for not crying while they rolled him on the bed.  It was also hilarious looking at his face, which had the "okaaaaaaaaaay" and "wtf?!?" look on it.  Oh, so this is what parents mean when they say that when you're proud of your kids it makes you extremely happy.  Granted, yes, I really am setting the bar low here, but

We then went to a famjam as Corinna is in town from Seattle.  We stayed for, oh 40 minutes.  Good times.

And now we just finished watching Ip Man (Arfeli got a subscription to Netflix again, and seeing as how we're mooches, we have access to free movies again what).  Good movie.

Tomorrow we gots swimming, and then next thing you know I'm going to be complaining that the weekend is over.  Time, amirite?

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