Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Trash Talking That Is More Like Garbage-Trash

I enjoy playing basketball with the same guys in the morning.  We occasionally partake in the time-honoured tradition of talking the trash.

Sometimes it goes awry, which makes me laugh.

To wit:  I texted Kelvin to see if he was going to play tomorrow morning and evening.  He said he would.  I replied "is your confidence going to be okay getting beaten twice?"

He replied "With all this smack talk, ur pissing in the wind.  And tomorrow is gonna be a windy day."

Yeah, what?  LOL

*  *  *

Flashmobs are so 2009.  And yet, here I am enjoying this show Mobbed.  I've always wanted to be in a flashmob.  I wouldn't know what to do though if a flashmob happened and it was directed towards me.  Yes, I know, weird for an "attention-whore"

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