Monday, January 16, 2012

New Way To Be An Auto Mechanic: Drive It?

So the Camry is still giving all sorts of problems.  The idling is too low.  One of the fixes suggested on Google?  Drive it for about 40 kms and the computer should reset itself.

Okay, easy enough.  So I did that and...of course it didn't quite work.

So now, I have to drive it to my Dad's place tomorrow morning so that he can drive it over to his friend's to get it fixed.  I will drive the van for work tomorrow.

Frustrating, both for the wallet and for the cars.  Oh well, what can you do

*  *  *

How is it not even my wedding, but I feel like I'm getting stressed?

Feel bad/sad for Arfeli.  Things will work out with the revised plan...there's no way it's not going to

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