Friday, May 18, 2012

Beautiful, Sunny, Warm Day... I bought winter tires?  Well, it was another case of being lucky again.

Today I had a day off and was set to get new orthotics with Jools (check) and spend the day gardening (check-ish).  

In a conglomeration of coincidences:  
-the X-Ice's had a special going on where you can get a rebate of $70 if you got a set by tomorrow.  I was set to buy winter tires special order from Crappy Tire because once my rims are on I'd take off the all-seasons, sell those, then pop on the winters onto the steelies
-when I went to go play bball on Tuesday, I was talking to Don who told me to try Tires23, a company I never heard of
-Sharon didn't order enough soil to do the entire garden as planned due to Van Dongen's Nursery screwing up the measurements so I had to stop working in the garden in the afternoon as I waited for the new shipment of soil
-I checked Tires23 website and was hesitating to call them to ask the price (everywhere I looked it was actually more expensive than CT).  I called them anyway
-got a hold of the manager (!), who gave me a "special price"
-during the break in gardening, went to Tires23 (thank Gawd for cheap Chinese companies!), met with an employee. Gave him the price I was quoted and he didn't believe it.  He checked with the manager and sure enough, it was the cheaper price.  Good thing when I called I got through to the manager
-in addition, they let me pay with Mastercard (I thought it would have to be a "cash deal"), gave me an invoice so I could claim the rebate, and they had the tires in stock (last set, which is prolly why I got a good deal)

So in the end, I happened to have saved about $100 all because time and time again, I got lucky.  Bring on the snow!

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  gardened (meaning lugging and shoveling around triple-mix) and got the winter tires and ordered the new orthotics/knee braces.  Feeling good about the productivity today what

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