Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh Sod Off

I now know why that's considered a softer expletive term after working with, well, sod.  I surely said it a lot to the sod.

After three days of gardening, sodding, watering, planting, debranching...yeah.

As an aside, I think that farmers should get paid a lot with the amount of physical work that they do.  And no wonder farmer's are built like tanks with the amount of heavy lifting they do (and really, the amount of lifting I did I don't think compares to what they do).

Anywho, the garden looks 10x better.  The darkness of my skin also looks 10x darker.  And the amount of sweat I sweated was 10x more than I would usually sweat.  I am happy that the weather was 10x better than I thought it would be.  When was the last time a May 2-4 weekend had weather this beautiful?

I got to pretend I was a logger, climbing ladders and sawing off large, dead branches (a bit nervewracking at times).  One of the downsides of logging at home, though, is cutting the branches into smaller pieces in order to fit into the brown bags.  It's quite time-intensive.  But the tree looks a lot better now.

I got injured, but it was a stupid way to get injured.  My fourth toe stubbed that corner of the ladder when I was wearing flipflops.  And then it happened again.  On the same damn toe on the same damn ladder.  Lots of stinging and blood and wrapping up the toe with bandages and tissue.  I hope it doesn't get infected or anything (I doubt it, I'm just being dramatic).

I also found that I am now getting the heebeejeebees like crazy when I see an ant colony (which I did encounter).  I'm hoping my ghetto homemade pesticide of vinegar and baking soda worked on eradicating the colony, and not just make a volcano of it.

Can't believe I shoveled out 5 yards of soil and 2 yards of mulch from the driveway.  I guess with the lack of snow shoveling this past winter I had to make up for it somehow.  Good squat workouts (when I remembered to shovel it up properly with my knees and not my back).

Lots of neighbours I haven't seen before walking by gave lots of encouraging remarks.  Also all the houses around us had their owners out doing gardening as well.  Good neighbourhood vibe going on.

And just to round out this non-sequitur kind of post but all related to the same thing:  I hope I don't have heat stroke or anything

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