Sunday, May 27, 2012

Few More Days On-Calling...

...then I will be done for the year.  I mean, I'm logging some good O/T, but I'm feeling fatigued.  It's not only the going out and doing calls, it's also the worry of when the pager will go off.  Mind you, I'm a lot better handling it now then I was years ago, but there is still a little of that anxiety.

(needless to say, I went out today for a few hours to deal with a faulty spa.  Poor kiddos who sat in 200ppm of chlorine.  That would be 20x the normal amount.  No wonder they had skin issues.)

I think I'm also feeling tired because of Eamon being sick this past weekend.  Unfortunately, he's like his father in that he's inconsolable and all "end-of-the-world" when he gets sick.  Looks like he's on the up-and-up and getting better...I missed his smile and laugh all of yesterday.

Mind you, the real reason I've been tired is because I haven't been sleeping early.  Yeah.  Total New Years Resolution Fail

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