Monday, May 28, 2012

Union Tactics

There's an ongoing strike occurring at work.  They are a sad, pathetic, whiney bunch.  I feel sorry for the workers who actually want to go back to work.  For those that don't, well...I'm glad they are missing their paycheques and ultimately suffering.

I know I'm not supposed to wish harm on anyone else, but nowhere does it say that I don't have to wish harm on a bunch of anyone elses, right?

I have to learn patience and realize it's just a little inconvenience, instead of letting my blood boil.  But still...I hate their tactics and it reminds me of nothing more than entitled, lazy pieces of trash.  I'm almost looking for a confrontation, even though who am I kidding?  I'd prolly not say anything if really approached

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  after a week of consistent watering and babying of the sod, it looks like it is sticking and not drying out/dying

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