Saturday, May 19, 2012

Garden State Of Mind

So maybe we underestimated exactly how much work has to be done into the garden.  That or the fact we keep adding in different projects within the larger project.

For instance, noticing the sparsity of grass that borders the new mulch border, we had the bright idea of laying down fresh sod.  Only trouble is, putting down new sod means having to remove the old one.  Which is a lot of work.

So I only got to do half of what I wanted to do.  But I'm pleased to say that it is looking much, much better.  We're even getting compliments from random neighbours we've never talked to before.

Another good (suburban?) sign within our neighbourhood is the fact that almost all neighbours are doing their gardens in one form or another.  Although maybe they have always been doing their lawns/gardens, but I just never saw them before because this is the first time we've been doing our lawn/garden.  But pride is good.  Rising values of our house is great too!  Not that I'm going to move or anything

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  handled a call this morning which made us late for Eamon's swim class, bit I still dealt with it promptly that at least got us to the pool ("emergeny" be damned

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