Monday, May 14, 2012

In Which I Think The Lack Of Sleep Is Catching Up With Me

Just feeling lethargic and apathetic.  I think maybe sleep would do me good?  Perhaps.  But as I always say there is enough time to sleep when I die.

Too much NBA Playoffs to watch amongst other things

*  *  *

Started a Fuelly account today as I filled up my new car for the very first time.  So far the fuel mileage is in and around what I figured it would be (7.2L/100km).

I also tried to get the rims installed and found out that I have get some hub rings to make it fit.  But of's never that easy whenever I do things for my car

*  *  *

Officially put the Vitz on sale on the internal website at work.  Someone already asking questions about it...hopefully I have a motivated buyer

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  cleaned the washrooms

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