Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ever Get This?

Something/some thought in your head that you just can't release?  No matter how much you try to shake it, it festers in there, proliferates, germinates, perhaps even poisons your psyche...and sometimes, you don't even know exactly what that thought is.  Sometimes you do know.  Sometimes it's so conflicting that you can't do anything but accept it, no matter how much it shreds you inside.


Ever also get the feeling you're too dramatic for your own good (or rather, bad)?  Heh.

It's who I am.  Or is it?  Is it who I want to be?

I do know that life changes fast.  What you once knew is no more when you least expect it, and what you want you can't have, and if you blink, it gets further away, moving off into the distance, still in eyesight but getting more out of focus.  I need new glasses.

I'm just all over the place (as usual).  Tomorrow is a new day, as it always is.

(I often wonder if I am still writing in this blog years from now I'll look back on these types of posts and remember what I'm talking about.  Or if it really is how I'm making it out to be with my thoughts/actions/reactions.  Meh)

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  degreased range/fan parts.  Made two bookcases.  Laundry

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