Friday, September 21, 2012

I Just Went To Look...

...and of course with my problems of "OMG THERE IS A DEAL! I BETTER GET AS MUCH STUFF AS POSSIBLE", there was no doubt I was going to spend a lot at Rona.

But I didn't exactly anticipate spending 3.5 hrs in there.  Nor buying a new table saw (75% off!), extension cord, multi-tool, rotary tool, tool engraver, bookcases, support poles for when I do crown moulding, putty knife, drill bits, saw blades, precision screwdrivers, painting equipment, raingear, books, dishgloves, broom, worklight, lights, plant food and gawd-knows-what-else that I managed to rationalize in my head.  Yeah.  Yeah.  I clearly have an addiction to buying tools and other stuff. workshop/tool collection is really coming along, and my plan of getting a better, smaller more compact table saw at an (insanely) good price is coming along.  Now then...does anybody want to buy a good, used table saw?

Retail therapy?  Drop the word "retail" and what's left is what I feel where I need to go.  Good thing I worked a lot of overtime this summer.

(Oh dear gawd I think went insane.  More ways than one)

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