Sunday, September 23, 2012

Okay, This Addiction Is A Little Troubling

I ran the 10k race this morning in an outstanding horrible time of 55:43.  I mean, I can go with the standard "I guess it's okay because I really didn't train at all" excuse I always use, but I mean, let's face wasn't exactly a run I did.  More of a leisurely jog.

If a video camera followed me throughout the course, they would have captured me just gawking at the homes as opposed to, you know, concentrating on running fast.  It dawned on me at about the 8km mark that I still had a lot of energy left in the tank and my body wasn't hurting and that I could've went a whole lot faster.  Such

There is at least one thing I can brag about this race that I'll get to say for a year:  I beat Arvin by a whole damn lot (nevermind the fact he said he was too "sick" to run).  Every victory helps (me, not him).

Another thing I kept my mind on during the leisurely jog was going to dim sum after the race with Ian.  And some dim sum yum yum we did.

Followed by my absolutely horrible addiction of late...going to Rona.  wtf?!?  We were (of course) only supposed to go for a few minutes, but that turned into hours.  Yes, hours.  I'm glad Ian is as insane as I am when it comes to purchasing things on the cheap.

We also have similar view points on spending a lot of money in the present to save a lot in the future.  Case in point?  We bought wire for re-wiring.  And not just bought...we bought out the wire (he has a basement to finish, I have future plans for exterior lighting).  He also bought rain barrels and other stuff that turned out to be quite a hefty bill (but one that still saved him in essence, we were making money, right?  Right?!?  Right!!!'s awesome.).  I was about to buy an electrical panel box for my future expansion plans, but since it was only 10% off I didn't get it.  My logic is warped when it comes to this stuff, but it makes sense to me.

Anywho, it's a good thing this Rona is closing down otherwise I'd be broke pretty soon.  Well, broker, anyway.  I'll miss the deals though and the high it gives me.  Seriously.  I have problems

*  *  *

Went to my parents house in the afternoon to see Andrew, Reeva and Lariah before they move back to Vancouver.  I was in the garage with my Dad as he tried to climb a ladder to put something on the top shelf.  Three steps up and the collapsible ladder collapsed.  Needless to say, quite a scary sight for me, especially seeing him fall on the floor and the ladder falling on his leg.

I asked him if anything was broken like his leg or his wrist that he landed on, and he said no.  Then he got mad (not at me, per se, but more likely me asking him if he was okay).  Anywho, I fixed the ladder again and this time I went up on it without anything happening.  But seriously, my Dad isn't getting much younger and I feel like recently my nerves have already been a bit frayed so it led to a pretty unsettling feeling within me.  Not that it's about me of course because I'm sure he's going to get some bruising from the tumble.

And then of course I got mad at my Dad later on for him feeding Eamon cookies after Sharon told him not to.  I suppose it wasn't that life-changing a moment for him.  smh

*  *  *

Oh, did I mention I've been insane lately with the tool buying?  I also bought a Ridgid impact driver on eBay for less than half the price I would've paid had I gotten it new.  Picked it up with Argay all the way in Scarborough (figured if I was going to get shot might as well have someone "sick" get shot too.  That's right, I went there).  Score!

Now I just have to find stuff to impact drive.

(I have found one of my vices/hobbies it would seem:  tool buying.  I'm such a tool)

*  *  *

Thanks again SoundCloud!

*  *  *

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