Sunday, September 23, 2012

Got Me Again...

...that Rona did.  But seriously, how could I not buy a $12.50 sledgehammer?  Or a $1.50 torpedo level?  Or a $2 hacksaw?  Or a ton of putty knives, paint scrapers and other painting gear?  Exactly*.

I'm beginning to think I should be buying more stuff and reselling it.  I'd make a killing!  And by killing I mean just a pittance more and prolly not worth the effort.  But still.

Anywho, you remember that scene in Castaway where Tom Hanks' character finally gets off the island, and all he could do was cry?  That's sort of how I feel because glory glory...I actually finished the room/closet I was renovating.  Well, I mean I just have to clean the floors, put on decals for Eamon (Rona ftw) and make the bookcases (again, Rona ftw!).  But I mean the majority is done.  And it only took me...well, let's not go there

*  *  *

Have a 10k race in about 7.5 hrs.  Yeah...


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