Friday, September 07, 2012

Run To Rona (Way Too Much)

So this Rona store closing is saving me lots of money but at the same time not really.  In that I keep spending money there.

But still!  I'm saving money!  (See what I did there?)

It's now at 75% off regular price on clearance items.  Of course I missed the items I really wanted (Skil Multi-Purpose Tool) but I got steals on other stuff I didn't know I wanted (lol...3-piece saw blades, air-powered multi-purpose tool).  I think the cashier there tried to rip me off by not allowing me to buy some screwdrivers at 75% off the regular price, but the line-up was crazy behind me so I didn't want to hold anybody up.  I'll try again maybe tomorrow.  Or, you know, not try so I don't spend too much money.  But deals.  Deals!

(some things don't change)

Speaking of running...don't I have a race in a few weeks?  Yeah.  As usual...I'm dead

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