Wednesday, September 05, 2012

In Which I've Become A Truck Driver

So with the WNV students gone for the summer and one month left to go, it's up to a small number of us left on the team to do the work the 10 of the students did.  For example, my new partner Winnie and I have to set up the mosquito traps.  All over Mississauga.

I think I drove something like 190 km today just for work.  I'm like a truck driver!

Not that I'm complaining though...

*  *  *

I might be addicted to the show Community.  I have watched an insane amount of episodes since last week.  I'm afraid to see how much data has been used at the end of the month.

But whatever...we don't have cable anymore!  And it's a really good show.  So yeah

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