Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Labour Day Indeed

Productive day today:
-finished trim inside the closet
-went to Petodie's house.  Am always amazed whenever Melodie plays the piano.  As a bonus, I got to play the box-drum-thing while she was playing.  I felt like I was in a band
-spoke to the new neighbours and even gave them a tour of our house.  First impressions of Tom and Kim are very good and they are very nice people
-being a basehead, decided that I am also going to change all of the baseboards in the hallways upstairs.  Because I apparently don't have enough going on.  Luckily I have no cable anymore
-did the thing I was dreading the most in the room:  sanding and applying wood filler to all of the crown mouldings and baseboards while trying to make everything as seamless as possible.  Took me a dang long time, but I'm relatively happy with it.  Can't wait to paint the sucker then I'm really in the homestretch

Busy day tomorrow...I really should sleep

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