Sunday, September 09, 2012

Hall(most) Done

Because the closet wasn't enough, I also decided to redo the baseboards at the upstairs hallway.  Which, of course, just brings me further and further away from being done the actual project.

Luckily, I was able to finish all the cutting and nailing for the hallway, so all that leaves me left to do is caulk all the crown mouldings and baseboards and then paint.  Of course that will take me a long, very frustrating time (caulking is an art that I'm not an artist in), but whateves.  Oh, but at least I cut the baseboards in the hallway the correct way, and I'm kind of happy about it.  This way whenever I'm walking down the stairs, I will now see baseboards that do not bother me (like they originally did).  Nice

*  *  *

Tomorrow will be an interesting day...gonna go tick dragging.  This job is still fun!  Less than a month left before reality

*  *  *

I find it hilarious when Eamon points and then grabs my armpit hairs.  He's such an...interesting child.  And one of the happiest moments in my life is when he is laughing and smiling.  I often wonder what kind of a man he will turn out to be

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