Saturday, September 08, 2012

One Of Those Long But Fun Days


Morning:  St. Jacob's.  Fun as usual, as we seem to go every year.

Afternoon:  Gil and Marie's place, where there was a kid's fair in front of their house (Eamon rode a pony and his laughing and smiling was awesome).  There was also a get-together at their house with all their friends and a lot of kids there.  Unfortunately, one of the kids was a bully and was picking on the smaller kids (including Eamon).  Sucks.  Also got my car serviced for the first time and everything seems to be okay so far.  Thumbs up what.

Evening:  started using Google+ Hangouts and after multiple attempts, finally got Arfeli, Mistie and Beevy all at once where we all video chatted.  Crazy to think about how far technology has come.

I should sleep.  I really should.  Haven't been sleeping much again lately

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