Wednesday, April 04, 2012

And It Is How I Thought It Was Going To Be

Got to the office, exchanged pleasantries with everyone, told the same story ("loved the experience, I do miss is, but the boy does have some growing and maturing to do, etc."), sat at my desk and did work, went for lunch with Kats, talked some more to peeps...time went a bit slow compared to when I was at home.

But was familiar but different.  Kathie described it perfectly:  "you have a different perspective on things like work after you come back from a parental leave".  I was only gone for a month; I can't even imagine what it's like for people who were away for longer.  I somewhat hope this newly acquired apathy doesn't stick around too long.  I just gotta pick and choose my spots.

Now to get to part 2 of going back to "normal": hit the gym tomorrow

*  *  *

The kiddo is adjusting okay to daycare.  We are a bit concerned that it was the second time he was outside in the backyard playground but not bundled enough properly (he was cold to the touch).  Keep in mind he's only 1 right now.  Hopefully they'll be a little more careful when Sharon says something to them

*  *  *

Oldie but goodie that had been in my head:

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