Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Like I'm At School Or Something

So I actually studied for a bit at work today for an exam I have to write before the summer.  It was crazy.  I really have ADHD.  Look, a butterfly!

I was also thinking that just a year ago, or even a few weeks ago, I felt differently at work than I do now.  I felt like I had to continually prove myself at work and that when I "became something" (ex. a supervisor) it validated me and made me feel like I was worth something.

Now?  Maybe not so much.  That month off with Eamon made me realize just how wrong I've been looking at it.

Don't get me wrong, feeling like I did a "good job" at work still makes me feel good, but as I sat in a meeting with my Director, Manager and Supervisors today, I felt almost like I didn't care nor wanted it anymore.  I know my capabilities and what I am able to do, and if others don't see it that way, well what can I do?

Right now my real job is to be a good father.  And I'm trying hard to be one.

Anyway, I'm babbling

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  I really felt like I needed to exercise today.  I stretched and did a mini-ab workout followed by playing an hour of ball in the morning, then I just came back from playing ball for 1.5 hrs with the new guys I play with (rented out gym at Meadowvale Village Public School).  I would say I accomplished exercising today

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