Saturday, April 28, 2012

H-Ang-Ing Yet Again

Went to Eamon's first swimming lesson on Saturday's.  Crazy busy!  But I think he's the advanced swimmer in the class (right).

We then went to the Ang's.  Good food, good convos, good times.

I then had the bright idea to contact Family Honda in Brampton to inquire about the Fit I saw on Autotrader.  I got through to one of the sales manager, and he made me an offer I actually thought was fair.  So it seems now we'll be going there on Monday to check it out and I might actually get a new car (!).

I am convinced that there were too many signs for me to pass up this car.  A manual, the colour I want, offered for a reasonable price, and in stock?  How could I resist (aside from the fact I gotta find the money

Speaking of cars, Argay got his new car today.  Of course, we have to get the same colour of car (but not the same car).  No surprise, really

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  watered the newly seeded lawn, continuing the effort to grow grass

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