Saturday, April 07, 2012

Happy International Easter

So like I've said in this space before, my parents are funny even (especially) when they try not to be.  For instance, we all went there for Easter dinner today.  On the menu?

-Korean BBQ
-Afghan rice
-Jamaican jerk chicken
-Chinese style crab
-Polish perogies
-Canadian mixed vegetables (lol...frozen veggies)
-Indian ras malai
-Italian bakery pecan pie

Everything tasted really good.  But again...really interesting selection

*  *  *

Well, looks like I'm all committed to buying a new car...not that there's anything wrong with that.  (right?)

I know I'm not supposed to have emotional attachments to objects, but this car has been with me for like 8.5 years.  It's also the car my Lola helped me purchase.  I will never forget that.

I have to do the unenviable task of figuring out how to sell my car.  I fear I will end up getting lower than what I think it's worth.  Sucks.

Anywho, I went to go "look" at a Honda Fit this morning, and within 10 minutes I was test driving one.  wtf?

I had to endure the stereotypical car salesman pitches and tactics, and get the feel of the car.  I like it.  We even went to another Stealership in the afternoon and even looked at a Hyundai Stealership at the Accent.  I think I'm set on the Fit.  And once I'm set on something...

Argay seems to be interested in the same car and I'm trying to get Ian to be interested in it too. I figure if we all get it at once, we'll get a big group discount!  LOL...if only life were that easy.

Oh yeah, and the big question:  where exactly will I get the money for this car?  It'll come from somewhere.  That's what I always believe.

Speaking of which, I really have to get on this budgeting project I've been meaning to get back on.  Figure out things before I make this commitment

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