Thursday, April 26, 2012

Seriously Hate This Feeling...

...of being sick.  Everytime I get sick, I keep thinking I'll never get over it.

Then when I blow my nose so much that it the skin gets raw and actually bleeds?  Yeah.  Grumpy galore.

I'm trying this Oil of Oregano thing that someone from the course in St. Catherine's told me to try.  I think it's working, but then again this virus is also passing.  I'm all about the placebo's I guess

*  *  *

Off day tomorrow.  I'm gonna try to visit the gym and play ball.  I hope I can

I had all these plans of running before the 10k race next week.  Yeah.  I'll blame it on being sick.

(as if I was going to "train" anyway.  I'm not like Argay or Ian.  Yeah, that's right, I know you're training)

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  sent e-mail to payroll for top-up

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