Tuesday, April 03, 2012

One Of The Best Experiences I've Ever Had In My Life

I can't be too upset/mad about going back to work.  Everything good comes to an end.

This parental leaves has been one of the best experiences I've ever had in my life.  I loved spending 1:1 time with the boy, seeing him smile and grow, living the "domesticated life".

I also know that I have to go back to reality and that reality is not always too bad.

As predicted, I didn't accomplish the one task I haphazardly thought I was going to do while on parental leave:  finish the crown mouldings.  There will always be time for that (I hope).

I really lived it up today:
-brought the boy to the Doctor for his one-year vaccinations.  Poor kid had three shots and cried like crazy.  But he stuck it out like a champ
-took him to the daycare.  Cried like crazy...lol
-I made a kick-a** chili in the crockpot
-I went to the annual Broken Broom Challenge with my "Team Irish" (Kats, Ralphy and Jenny).  It's always fun to curl, and it's a tradition Kats and I have (5 years running!)
-got home, made the boxed tricycle for Eamon.  He loves it, which make us so dang happy
-went to play ball with Ron, Don, Rye and their friends.  The extended amounts of inactivity really showed out there.  It wasn't a pretty sight.  I somehow forgot how much I enjoy exercising/sweating/running.  I get that endorphin high

Only two days left of work before the long weekend...I feel a bit recharged and ready to go (for work.  General physical state?  Maybe not that recharged...lol)

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