Saturday, April 21, 2012

Been A While Since I Went Nuts On My Arteries

Or maybe it hasn't.  But it wasn't a good look.  Good thing I ran like crazy last night and went on the bike just an hour ago. is what I ate:

-continental breakfast at the hotel which included a hardboiled egg, english muffin, banana breakfast quesadilla and oatmeal (as an aside, Sharon has been making "from scratch" oatmeal the past year.  After eating that and going back to the packets...yeah...I couldn't even eat half of it)
-a Moe Wilensky "special" (grilled bologna, salami, cheese and mustard on a bun) with an egg cream soda.  Debbie happened to live around the corner from here, I googled it, found out it was a diner made famous in "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (an Argay book report from high school.  Random.).  It was okay but nothing I don't think I would ever crave or even try again
-a Merguez hot dog with coleslaw and an Elvis Poutine (with ground beef, green peppers and mushrooms) at Cafe Banquise 24h.  It was okay but again, nothing too special.  And it was quite heavy
-a cookie from a random pastry shop
-a heavy burrito, empanada, and Sharon's guac and chips from Cafe Luco.  Again, nothing too special, but that might've had something to do with the fact that I think I was close to bursting

It's really not a good look knowing I have a race in two weeks.  Or, you know, a good look in general.

We also went to Simons and found nothing to buy there.  I was marvelling at the men who were buying underwear that was for sale.  For $20 each.  wtf?  I must've missed the boat when it comes to fancy underwear.

Anywho, it was a nice quick trip here and nice for Eamon to spend time with Debbie.  Time for the long drive home tomorrow then back to reality for Monday

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  read two chapters of the manual for the pesticide course exam I have to take in a few weeks from now

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Jules said...

Saw the twitter feed of food. Even moses says holy.